Updated Site, New Blog. Ooh. Shiny.

I was being generally lazy with the other site, mostly because I hated the layout and it was a pain in the ass.  For some reason, websites are a whole lot like the diaries I always intended to keep but always forgot about after about three days. 

In any case, I decided to add a blog mostly to add in behind the scenes shots and give people more information on the shoots if they're interested in finding out more.  I've got more shoots coming up soon and I've just finished one earlier today so I'm a busy bee but I promise I'll put up some pictures to share tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out this shiny message I got on Instagram today!  If they like me, it'll be my very first time being published and that's beyond exciting because nobody's ever liked me that much before *cough*Dark Beauty*cough.*

Anyway!  Thanks for visiting.  I'll be back soon.  

xoxo Melissa