Published for the first time!

I received a nice email back from the magazine that contacted me on Instagram and they told me they'd like to publish six of my photos.  Six?!  Is this really happening?

Apparently they're putting out two horror themed issues; I'll find out which one(s) my work will be in and then I'll go broke buying them all just in case I manage to lose the first 15 issues and need backups.  

It would be much cheaper for me if I was kidding.

I'm excited and thrilled and the random things that happen never cease to amaze me.  I realize social media definitely has the potential to expose my work to many different outlets, but I also realize that work I feel the most proud of can do absolutely nothing while other works, for whatever reason, seem to garner much more attention.  Either way, I'm still making whatever it is that's in my head and they're all pictures I want to hang on my own wall (but I don't because I can't decide if it's too pretentious or not to do things like that.)  Sometimes I get lucky and other people want to see them too.  And that's pretty fucking neat.

Anyway.  Back to pretending I'm actually working.  Please visit Stubborn Magazine; I'll post an update on it all as soon as I find out more information on when it comes out!

xoxo Melissa