Behind the Scenes - She Talks to Angels

During the Summer of 2015 I went on a road trip and travelled to Montreal, Quebec City, and the GTA.  It was my first adult vacation and there are so many great memories from that trip.  I had gone to Montreal briefly for work training at the beginning of the year and immediately fell in love with the art and culture and history of the city.  When we went back, we researched all of the places we wanted to go and see and the Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges cemetery was on the top of the list.  I can't explain how happy I was to just walk around and look at everything there.  The statues and crypts are things you can't find in Edmonton so I took as many pictures as I possibly could, specifically focusing on the statues.  I had an idea of turning the statues into humans somehow but then life took over and I sat on the stock for the next year.

After starting Stolen Innocence, I was hit with inspiration.  I called up Edyn, a little model I had worked with before, and asked if she'd be interesting in shooting a concept with me.  She and her mother agreed and we headed over to the St. Albert Botanic Park.  Edyn wore a great dress and I took shots of her posing with and without the help of her mom, having a rough idea in my head about what poses I'd need her in for the photos with the statues, but mostly just trying to shoot everything and hoping I'd fit some pieces together.

After putting together two of the photos in the set, I struggled to make a third one work.  That was until I went to Orlando in September.  I did some research and went to the Greenwood Cemetery and spent a few hours walking around in 30+ degree heat with my dad looking for the same types of statues and crypts.  I wasn't really finding anything I was looking for, although I will say the Spanish moss-covered oak trees are absolutely amazing and will definitely be part of future shoots.  Beautiful.  Near the end of our tour though, I found a crypt on top of a hill and ran up to take a look at it.  

Once again, life took over and I sat on the stock until a few days ago when I finally put the pieces together to create the last photo in the series.

I'm absolutely in love with this set, not only because of the emotions I feel when I look at them as completed pieces, but because of all of the memories that are there in the stock pieces.  If I had my way I'd visit Montreal every year but for now it'll keep its spot on my ever growing list of places I want to go.

Thank you again to Edyn!