Behind the Scenes - The Feast

Before I moved out of my townhouse, I wanted to use the basement/studio as much as I possibly could before it went away.  I came up with the concept of a vampire standing on top of a pile of dead bodies and thankfully, Ashley agreed to be part of it. 

I put up a post on Facebook looking for kids who wanted to be part of the concept and had rounded up about 9 or so to come out and shoot that day.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts came up, but I had 5 beautiful children to come play dead for me.  

As I'm sure you can imagine, there were some challenges in turning 5 children into a mountain of dead bodies.  I had to play with this one for quite a while to get it where I thought it needed to be.  I took multiple shots of the kids in different positions and put it all together.



After countless attempts at trying to make everything fit and then going back and changing hair colours, clothes, and strategically placing body parts, it was finally finished!  I then edited a couple of side shots with Ashley and the set was complete.

I had released the two solo shots of Ashley far before I finished the larger piece, mostly due to procrastination. 

Okay, it was all due to procrastination.  But!  I absolutely adore how it turned out and of course Ashley and the kids all did an amazing job.

Melissa xo